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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Riverside CP

Hi All,
         I must say that I am looking forward to Mike's picture taken from the Edith May. He had a long trip so hopefully lots of pictures.

I will continue my trip to Riverside, this was while I was waiting for the Edith May to come into view.

I had started from Motney Hill end and walked up to Bloors Wharf, the wind was a stiff breeze and was cold. On the bank looking across the river two things hit me, the clouds  and the wavelets.

Across the river

Rolling in

Out of the wind the path
After this I decided to move to Riverside car park. This was full so I ended up at Sharps Green car park and walking through.

After the Edith May had gone the were some Gulls about.

Well that is it for today, thanks for looking


  1. That's it Trev, more clouds. Smashing, yesterday we were very lucky.

    Blog going up later.

  2. The cloud pictures are superb Trev... smashing stuff !

    E xx

  3. Yes ! I love the cloud shots too !
    chris richards


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