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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Edith May on the river

Hello All
     Mike has been messing about on the river (Medway that is). Today was the day for his trip on the Edith May a sailing barge.

I am not sure what time it left Chatham Docks, so I will leave the journey to Mike to tell you.

 Around 1000 I had a call from my Friend Charles telling me that the Edith May was about to depart the docks. After a chat I grabbed everything and headed for Bloors Wharf. This I thought would give me the best view. I soon realised that the wait was going to be a long one (after ring Mike) and the wind was cold on the river.

What Next; head up to Riverside C.P. this I did. I drove their and couldn't park as the was "do" going on their. Off the Sharps Green and no trouble parking. I walked through to where the wreck of the Waterloo was just as I got a text from Mike to say they were just passing The Strand.

Pictures from here on tell the story.

First sighting

Full sail

Starting to tack

Over she goes

Passed the fort 

Well it has to pass Kingsnorth PS

Nearly out of sight
Well that was it as it was getting too far away for my lens.

I hope that Mike had a good day out and a story and pictures to show.

Thanks for looking.



  1. Fabulous, fabulous stuff Trev ... great pictures ... looking forward to what Mike has to say xx

  2. Well done Trev, wonderful pictures. Love the ones with it tacking ,great stuff.

    Just got in 7.15pn and am shattered. Had a wonderful time and really enjoyed myself.

    Nice to go with Ann and John .

    Thanks Trev.

  3. I am glad that they turned out so well seeing how far away you were.

    I look forward to your blog Mike.

    Thanks Eileen, it was a bit cold where I was but worth it as you don't see a Sailing barge every day.


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