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Monday, 4 June 2012

Bucket and Spade

Hello All
A change to the advertised programme.

Weather not good, but we did have a long dry spell in the afternoon.

 Yesterday was a change of pace by going to a car show. It was run by the club in Ramsgate (not sure who as Martin and Stan booked it). I went with Martin in his 1968 Morris Minor first to a place called Brogdale Farm. This is at Faversham Kent. Here we were given a route to go the Ramsgate. As it was raining and getting late we decided to go strait to Ramsgate to get a better plot.

Some of the cars at Brogdale Farm

Stan's 400 BHP Cozzy

Martin and his Morris

Some of the other cars

Look carefully at this one
VW Camper Van with Beetle built in

We Both left together to drive to Ramsgate with a light rain but it did stop a few time. Arriving at the site: (guess where Mike)

When the other had arrived we set up camp


There were too many people around to take pictures of cars as it dried up for a while and the sun nearly came out. 

Ferry Port
Well I had to wot.

As I was taking this I saw how the waves were braking on the beach and thought of Mike and his water pictures.

There you are Mike.

One more picture, this is the engine in the Cozzy, not a good one as I could not get the angel on it.

That is it thanks for looking.


  1. Glad you got out. I used to work on all of those in the good old days.

    Love the VW Transporter with the Bettle built in. Martin seems to have you all organised with the seating accommodation.

    Glad you got out considering the weather,well done.

    1. There was XK 120 parked along side of us But I never got a shot of it.

  2. Yes, well done Trev......a really nice post and I love the campervan,
    Chris and Dave R
    xxx !

  3. Thanks Chris on this damp BK


Thanks You for your comment