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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Haysden three

HI all. Round three of my Haysden visit carries on from yesterday. With the bad weather this coming this week it doesn't look as if I will get out this week. This is looking bad for Wednesday's transit of Venus as the next one is in 2117.

With so many birds to look at and photograph there are lots to come. Mike and I between us took nearly 500 photographs (Mike had two camera's and Sue had one).


Canada goose
Don't you think these are like Bumble Bea's, should not be able to fly but do! 

Got up but what an effort

Big splash as it sort of lands  

Taking a rest after a heavy day being fed



Greylag in flight

There's that Grebe, not as good as Mike's
Well that's all folk's the last one for Haysden tomorrow.

Thanks for looking


  1. Hi Trev,

    My favourite is no 2 the Canada goose taking off, it would have been perfect with the full reflection but time is not on your side with the speed of the bird.

    Great set,well done.

  2. A lovely set....I agree with Mike, I like the mallard best !!
    chris richards


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