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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Haysden the final part

Morning all,
 Just a few more to show you and then a change of subject.

It was getting late afternoon when we got back to the start of the lake. We all manage to get some good picture on the way back.

That Grebe again

How do they get into the air or is it a crash landing

Not making it

 I hate taking pictures of swans as there is too much white on them



Eating orange peel 
 These two are for Daisy and Holly!
How to catch a Squirrel


Well that is the last of the Haysden C P pictures, get this bad weather over and I can get out again.

Thanks for looking


  1. Hi ya Trev... we have been away and it has bee difficult to leave a comment ... It has taken hours and hours for Daisy to do her diary!
    But I have read, with interest every post from you and Mike ... would not miss them, ever!

    Lovely pictures here peaceful in this busy world of ours ... D and H would love the squirrels!

    Love Eileen xxx

  2. Ps ...we watched the Venus thingy on the BBC last night ... great stuff !


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