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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wednesday 6th June

Well good morning all. This morning was it, up at 0300 and out by 0340 to drive down to my friend Peter's for a lift out to Grain village. This was for the transit  Of Venus across the sun.
I had checked the Met Office site before I left and it did not look good. We had advertised the event so had to go unlike another astronomical society who cancelled  with out warning.
Peter and I arrived at 0415 to find loads of people there. Our members had set up telescopes of all shapes and sizes ready for the off at sun rise (0445).

At this time the cloud started to break and we all hoped that it would clear before the event was over. Sorry that it did not but as the event finished the sun broke through and we were able to show the public some sunspots.

After having a count up we had 80 people turn up for all over Kent and Essex as well as a few from the London area.

For those who saw the 2004 transit it was not as bad but for those who will have to wait until 2117 it was. This of course it what happens when you live in the UK.
One saving grace is that there is a transit of Mercury in May 2016 and this one take place after lunch.

I look forward to 2016.


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  1. What a shame Trev, still that's what we get sometimes for living in the UK.

    Glad you and Peter made the effort bearing in mind the amount of people that turned up, well done.

  2. Gosh Trev, you were up early !
    Fascinating stuff..........
    Chris richards

  3. Awww so sorry for you Trev ... but good luck for the 2016 Mercury transit ! E xxxxx

  4. As I said seeing the 2004 transit took the sting out of not seeing this one.

    I was trying to find some of the pictures I took but I have so many CD's that I could not find it.
    Yes Chris it reminded me of


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