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Thursday, 14 June 2012

More Bloor

Well I still have loads of pictures left from yesterday to put up. As I said yesterday the car was not far, so I could take extra equipment with me. I took my tripod and spotter scope as I knew that the birds would be a long way out.

   After I finished with the camera I set up the spotter scope. This has far more magnification than the camera lens. There were mainly Gulls but also a few Shelduck's.  There were two that I followed with what I thought was one chick but it turned out to be three chicks. I could not see them all as they were in a gully. It was when all three came out that I saw them all. How I wish I had a 150 times lens.

Back to yesterdays shoot.


With the sun being out and some of the clouds looking good........

That is it for today, I have saved a few for tomorrow in case I can't get out.

Thanks for looking


  1. l particularly like the Gull shadow on 2.

    Where are the clouds all I can see is Eileen's Power Station. lol.

  2. Well the forecast is'nt good for tomorrow Trev......and yes Mike,
    I like 2 as well but dont know what Eileen will think of the P.S. ?
    Chris richards


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