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Thursday, 19 July 2012

A run to Elmley Marsh

Morning all, yesterday afternoon I set off along the river to go to Elmley Marsh and came across this.

Got any apples?
Well I hadn't so you can imagine the abuse I got for disturbing him!

So after telling him that I thought his manners needed changing I got back in the car and drove off. I will not be taking his picture again that is for sure!

Elmley Marsh

The car park is over a mile inside the reserve but you can use your car as a hide while driving to it they do ask that you don't get out of the car.

A little way in sitting on this gate post.

A Great big Gull!
Look at the size of him.

A little way down the road two swans were feeding.

Not a worry in the world!
Then on the other side of the road.

Family of Coots
This had to be take over my shoulder as every time I moved the car they moved away. Catch 22.

Couldn't care less
This one is for Daisy and Holly (see links to their blog)

Sitting on the path.
Go get him girls

That will do for today, thanks for looking.


  1. I was going to mention that you DID NOT actually RUN to Elmley Marsh but you took some good pictures so I will let it go.
    Nice collection there Trev you got good angles, can't choose between them.

  2. Well, what can I say, love the wabbit smashing also the Coot family. The coots where a good one with the little ones.
    Good blog, well done.

  3. Thanks both. After I got out of the car it felt like I had run there...

  4. Awww love this post Trev .. great pictures and funny captions... The swans look lovely but the look on the horses face when you told him there were no apples lol says it all !! xx
    Eileen xxx


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