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Friday, 20 July 2012

Much walking on the Marsh

Morning all, to continue my walk on Elmley Marsh there was lots to see  but the wind was nearly blowing me off my feet, but I did stick it out. The worst thing about the marsh is the path. It is made up of the stuff that was the top surface on the roads. It is hard on the feet as it is so uneven. Heavy duty boots are needed not shoes.


Over the Marsh

Family of Swan's

Little Egret

Egret in flight

   These were outside the RSPB office having a good feed

That is it for Elmley, thanks for looking


  1. Great stuff, I see the Syngnets are growing up, they will soon be turning white.
    Love the Egret shots, you did good.
    I know what you mean about the path it is bad, still you had a reward for your pain.

  2. Yes it cut my feet to bits.

  3. Aww poor Trev... But as Mike says it was worth it ... Fantastic shots... Love all your trips out and about ... Love to Jimbo xx
    Eileen xx

  4. A bit late today as I have been very busy. Thanks for the comments both.

    Jimbo is not well but he seems to be ok in the mornings then goes back into himself late afternoon.

    Eileen I am now getting email from you blog, somehow it lost may address.

  5. OOo okay Trev .. so the email is ok now? Mmmm hope Jimbo picks up a bit ... wonder why he is like that ... perhaps he just doesn't 'do' mornings!! lol xx


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