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Monday, 2 July 2012

River view

Morning all, Good job I got out Saturday afternoon as the car show was set up like the last one all too close together. It was not as if they did not have enough room as there was plenty spare. Enough and move on to Saturday as I will say more tomorrow about the show.

It was lovely by the river but oh boy I was nearly blown off my feet. I took load of pictures and had to delete over 30% where the wind was blowing me about. I gave up and got the telescope out and even that was hard work focusing.

Any way I did manage a few good shots on mainly Gulls, a few other just slipped in as well.

Great black backed Gull, I was hoping to catch one in flight.

Smooth landing

Black headed Gull

Looking for food

Shelduck and family 

Now this bird has a real attitude problem 

Must be part of 617 squadron 

Oh dear crash into the sea


The sky was nice with a few nice clouds, here is one.

That is it today, tomorrow Groombridge Place car show

Thanks for looking


  1. The shelduck chicks are nice and the Gull with attitude.
    You put up 13 pictures as well.
    Nice cloud formation to finish.
    Hope the stripes have finished, my blog was fine last night.

  2. Lovcely post the 617 squadron and the clouds !
    Chris richards

  3. Great post as always from you Trev ... Miss Jimbo, of course, but love the Grey lag. So pleased I have you and Mike to join me most mornings as I sip my coffee and listen to Kendo snoring upstairs lol


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