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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer is here at last

Hello all,
          Well it is hot here and I managed to get out for an hour this afternoon.
The trouble was it was coming up to hight water when I got to Motney Hill. It was swarming with people enjoying the sun. I only stayed about half an hour as there was not that much around. I hape you do like what I have.

This all most in the river

This shows how hight the river was

Ruffled feathers

These two were just lazing around,
Just like the rest of us today

Two Great black backed Gulls
That is a short one today

Thanks for looking


  1. Good blog,nice flowers,lovely day.

  2. Too many people around to take any more, so I came home.

  3. The flowers here are super colours Trev ... glad the weather is better ... shame about too many people lol !
    Eileen xxx


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