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Sunday, 15 July 2012

The rest of Thursday's walk

Hi all this is the last of the pictures taken on Thursday. With the monsoon we had yesterday and the wet today I didn't get out.

Crash landing



Oyster Catcher

That is but I don't see the weather improving yet, fingers xx


  1. Weather was fine today???, bit muddy but fine.

    Nice Oyster catcher and foliage.

  2. I like the foliage as well Trev ... more rain as I write this :) At least I some great blogs to look at to cheer me up! Yours, Mike's and Daisy's lol .
    Eileen xx

  3. I am glad you both like it.

    It wasn't raining here at 0630 when I went for the paper (on the bike) but the lady in the paper shop said it was raining at 0500 when she came out.


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