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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Just Autumn

Hi All
         I manage to get out today and found loads of plants that are near the end of their summer.

The trouble with this year is that the summer we had did not last long. The Met-office call the 1st September the first day of Autumn. Still here is a reminder of summer.

 This shows that Autumn is here

More food for the birds

Blow and wish

Guess who

Returning home
It's the Edith May

Just to show how dull it was

Brave or mad

No idea what this is


It's moved out as it is normally a ground


The last of the clover

That is it and it looks like it might be a long old winter.

Thanks for looking


  1. As you made a reference to me being old on my blog I suggest you use a spell checker in future. lol

    Good all round blog considering the weather, glad I am away soon, I cant take much more of the UK.

    Wot a PS you do live dangerously.

  2. Like the rest of us you are not getting younger, least if you are how (:-)

  3. Mmmmmmm you are naughty sometimes Trev..... ! I'll forgive you cos the pictures here are lovely ... Shame the summer was a bit wet! Better luck next year for us all !
    Eileen xxx


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