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Sunday, 12 August 2012

A windy afternoon

Hi all, another busy week and not been able to get out for a few days. So Sunday was good to get out. Not many people about as they must have been glued to the TV watch some event on there.

I went to Boors Wharf  where I new there would be at least some Gulls to take pictures of. There doesn't seem to be much else around at the moment!

The river was between high and low water so my deep water channel was were I headed.

Ruffled feathers
I must say that is was very wind as I had a lot of trouble holding the camera still and gave up and came home in the end.

Looking for food


Great Black backed Gull

In flight
 I thing they must have a wingspan of over 5 feet

He's off

On the wing

On the glide path
It was so windy that I had a lot of trouble with that shot. The birds were so far away that any shake of the camera ruined the pictures.

Red Shanks
  As I was walking back to the car

Moth / butterfly

 I have had so any problems with the blog using Google Chrome that I have gone back to Firefox. This is the first time that I have used it. Chrome worked well for me on Vista but caused problems on Windows 7.

I hope things are ok your end with this blog, that's for looking.

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  1. Hi Trev,
    Well just about caught up with things now. Blog seems ok on 7 but time will tell.
    Moth shot quite good, shame about the wind we didn't have any to begin with on Sunday.
    Left you a message on your home phone about tomorrow.


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