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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Down on the mud flats

Hi all, I timed the gap between high and low water just right yesterday. I took the camera and the telescope with me, it is a pity that I can't put the camera on the telescope. There were lots of birds a long way out on the mud flats. The wind was light which meant that there were reflections on the water..  Using the telescope I could see a lot of waders a long way out, a few Oyster Catchers and Red shanks.

        Close in were the gulls and as I sat there they came in quite close to me. No sudden movement and they didn't seem to mind.


Look at you then

Just look at me

Who a pretty boy then

There were other things as well. On the way I spotted these next two.


With a light wind the smoke from Kingsnorth was strait up in the air.

Smoke going strait up

No smoke from Grain

Great Black Backed Gull
He got real close before walking away.

That is it for now, I will put the rest up tomorrow.

Thank's for looking


  1. Hi Trev,
    Great reflection shots no 2 is my favorite.
    Is that moth the same as you took the other day?
    Good job Eileen's a long way away with two Power Stations.
    Well done great blog.

    1. No that moth had blue wings.

      Well Eileen did declare war on PS's didn't


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