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Friday, 17 August 2012

Horses and Sunday lunch

Morning all, Mike, Sue and me stopped off at Hothfield Common on our way back from taking Miss  Daisy back to Ashford last Wednesday. We have not been there for a while and wanted to see how it was taking shape as the rangers have been working on it. Sue stayed in the car reading her book and left Mike and me to wander.

As we entered to site and under the trees were the horses, the trouble was it was cloudy and not much light. This did cause a problems at first but we both got round it.

Horses under trees

Got any oat's

I feel tied

Going for  a walk

This was girls
Last year all of these  were in fowl but we never saw any of the fowls.

View across the heathland
It is better when the sun is out.

As the horses made off Sunday lunch put in an appearance 

Make way, here we come
Lots of steaks here

Please don't stand on my foot

Why hello

Mike and I moved on to the bog area.



As we crossed the bridge over the bog we found a lot of Dragon flies but they would not stop long enough for us. The a couple did.

Dragon Fly on the bridge

Bee taking nectar

As it was looking like it was going to rain Mike and me headed back to the car where Sue was still reading, she thought something was wrong because we were only gone an hour. With everything packed away we left the car park as it started to rain. It did this most of the way home.

That is it, thanks for looking.

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  1. Great afternoon out even though it started to rain. You got some lovely shots Trev, well done, even though we where only out for an hour.


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