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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Down on the Mud flats two

Morning all, this is part two from Wednesday's blog. With light winds it was nice not to be blown off of my feet. The birds were in close to make for a pleasant afternoon.

Coming in for a fight

I am not sure what started this as it happened all at once.

This Gull was in close when I took this just thinking that it might look good. I was not quite prepared for what came next. He dived on to this bird.

Stunned he tried to take off very slowly

He managed to take to the air and get away. The other bird didn't follow which seemed to be pretty pointless attacking him in the first pace.

The other bird landing down range

Then out of the blue (I have no idea where they came from) came two ducks.

Two ducks
Came in close

Now just to show how big Jimbo has grown since the end of February


This was a few weeks after I got him.

August 15th
He is a lot bigger now flies around but always lands on this chair.

Well that is it , thanks for looking.


  1. Good set of birds, and the star on the show is JIMBO.

  2. Of course he is, he will like that!!!


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