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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Now that has got to hurt

Morning all,

This is the third part of my visit to Leeds Castle. This part shows that they may have been acting with props but there was no holding back. A lance travelling at 30 mph on a horse when it hit you doesn't do you a lot of good. A sword hitting yo swung at full force hurts, try hitting your finger with a hammer and see.

The battle field

Knights do battle, see the way they swing these weapon's.
Oh sorry about the H&S guy in the background he was a pain.

A mace and an axe

Sir William has a go, take a look at the bent shield!

Bent shield (that is an axe he is using)


Centre of hoop

Thrown in the air
That is it for now but the joust tomorrow.

Thank's for looking


  1. Well done Trev, you are certainly getting you monies worth out of the trip. Glad we went.

  2. You can say that again. It was a good day out and I really enjoyed it.

    Tomorrow will be the last as there is only about 7 to go up.
    I can't remember a day out where I did not want it to end.

  3. Well done on the last two, they are so quick and you clicked just right. It was certainly a good day out and even little Daisy was happy to watch it twice.

  4. Fabulous stuff here again Trev ... I have so enjoyed looking at all your pictures .. don't think I will be hitting myself with a hammer tho!

    E xxx
    PS Love to jimbox


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