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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Let the battle commence

Morning all
Continuing our visit to Leeds Castle on Monday (see yesterdays blog).

First to arrive was the King and queen of England, so lets give them a big welcome.

Henry the eight and Ann Boleyn enter.
Ann Boleyn held Daisy up while Mike toot her picture, Daisy loved it.

 Followed by

Sir William
and then by the knights of England

Knights of the Red
Knights of the Blue
Last but not least, the one they all wanted to beat.

Sir Jasper Of something or other. 
Knights in action

It did not take long before someone was called out!

Knight of the Red falls

Squire rushes in to protect his master

Squire not up to the job and runs!

Let the Joust begin!

The first clash between Red and Blue Knights
Now these weapons are just props but they have to hurt.

That's it for now you will have to wait until tomorrow.

Thanks for looking


  1. Very nice Trev.
    I see they are all from the Castle end.
    Good action shots.

  2. Yes Mike as they turned out a lot better. Not so much trouble with the light.

  3. Oh such good fun Trev.. loved it all and felt I was there! super shots .. loved 'Sir Jasper' of something or other! lol
    E xx


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