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Friday, 5 October 2012

looking back

Hi All, Not had a chance to get out much this week what with the rain and an injured leg. I thought I would go back over what summer we have had and see what I had taken. I hope you enjoy


 This was a when I had him only a few months, he couldn't fly which gave me the time I needed to train him.

Moat Park
One day when Mike and I went to Moat Park on our way back from Ashford, a busy afternoon.

The Edith May
This was when Mike took a trip on this barge and I went to Riverside and took this. A good trip Mike had.

Hothfield Heath
Yet another trip back from Ashford.



Lower Helstow

Eastcourt Meadow Oyster Catcher

Reflections at Bloors wharf

Little Egret

Riverside Gull


I think this was at Riverside 


That is it, some you have seen before and some you haven't.

Thanks for looking


  1. Super, super pictures Trev... love your summer even if it did rain a bit ... The cattle pics are amazing and thanks for not including a PS!

    The reflection picture is very good but my fave is.... drum roll.... JIMBO! .. How long did it take you to train him to fly! lol
    Eileen xxxx

  2. well done Trev, nice batch and as Eileen says the best is..............JIMBO. If you look on the map we are in Macom, about 200 miles north of Florida.
    Talking to a chap in Tifton it's been bad in Georgia as well

  3. How is your leg Trev? ....Mike and me and Sue and Kendo and Daisy and Holly .... need to know if you are okay !!!!
    Eileen xxx


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