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Monday, 8 October 2012

Hasting Classic Car Show

Morning All, It has been a while since I go out. I strained my calf at the beginning of last week and that kept my in doors. No matter yesterday Stan, Martin and me went to the Hastings Classic car show in the Morris. Martin and Stan picked me up at 0630 so that we could get there early to get a good spot, and we did.

 Lots of classic cars as you will see in a minute as well a plenty of Gulls. I am not sure if they frighted Stan as he was keeping his eye on them ready to throw a pebble if they got close.  Me this was a chance to have a go with my camera.

Before I start on the show I have something else to show. This morning the sky was on fire when I got up (0645), so I just had to take this first one.

Sky on fire

Now to the show

One of the first to arrive after us

Trolly Bus
This was the best I could do as I could not get a good picture of it. We three had a ride on this along the front but more another time.

How would you like this on your drive.It must be 100 grands worth of motor or more.


Infamous Mini

Just part of the show. Martin on the left

Hudson engine
Well that will do for today, more to come tomorrow.

Thanks for looking


  1. Great pictures Trev, glad that you are getting better. I need that lead.

  2. It is here waiting for you (:-)

  3. Super pictures ... Love the Sky shot... so pretty. You had a beautiful day for your visit! ... Pleased your leg is getting better.
    Love to Jimbo
    Eileen xxx


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