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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Out in the wind and Sunshine

Hi All
       Well it was a nice afternoon but very windy by the river. The tide was on its way out and there were fishermen where I wanted to be. No matter there is plenty of room.

When it is like this there are only Gulls to take pictures of but the wind was a problem and I had to delete half of what I took. Here is what I got.

In molt Gull
In fact most of them are now changing to there winter woolies.

Not even starting to feed

As Mike would say "you need a 10ft lens for these"
No you don't Mike

Sneaky PS shot

After this I looked round for other things and found.

Loads of red berries

All these were take out of the wind but there were eddies

Thats it, thanks for looking


  1. Mmmmm you sneaky so and so... I saw the PS!!!!
    Love the flowers and the berries ... the Gulls look a bit fed up!!
    How is Jimbo?

    E xx

  2. Well done Trev, you did better than me, no pictures and no blog tonight, still away soon so should get some photo opportunities then.
    yer, how is Jimbo?

  3. Jimbo is fine but he won't stay still for pictures. He can fly round the room 5 to 6 time now but he shouts at me when I make him fly.

    I can hold up my hand and he lands on it and then jumps back into his cage...


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