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Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hello all, yesterday I took a trip back to Riverside C.P. as I had not been out for a while. It was a bit cold but quite bright with a little sun.
I started at Motney Hill and walked halfway to Bloors. The tide was up so not much doing so I decided to drive up to the main entrance. On the way back to the car i spotted what I thought were Gulls frying around. As I got closer I manage to frame them and found that it was a colony of Lapwings. I manage a few pictures but at that time they were too far away.

As I walked donw the path and got level with them they came into focus.

Quite a large colony
When I got home I found these on a picture

Little Egrets
 Sorry about the focus but I was focusing on the Lapwings at the time and was not really taking any notice of them.

In the bay

  I then headed off to the main part of the park. Where I found A friend of mine with the RSPB stand showing anybody who would listen about the birds and showing them how to use a telescope.  I left him to it and wandered off.

Hear I come

I then set off for the pond which has not had much in it this year.

 He was hiding from me.

Of course you can't visit Riverside without taking a shot of that lovely PS and the clouds

Kingsnorth PS soon to be gone

Is winter here

Well that was it for Riverside, but when I got up this morning this next two greeted me.


Not sure of this one as I use my 300mm on it.

Thanks for looking


  1. Lovely sunrise, and good blog, stitting here in Phily Airport typing this.
    1.5 hrs till the plane. Yawn

  2. Great pictures Trev... love the Lapwings and the Moorhen hiding!
    SHAME ABOUT the PS ! lol lol lol
    Love Eileen xx


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