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Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Magpie and the peanut

This is not as strange as it sounds. Think of the size of a peanut and a Magpie. it is like you trying to swallow a golf ball, as you will see.

Thursday is a bit of a dead day as I used to do my weekly shopping this day, but this meant that I would have to go out Saturday to top up fresh vegs and such. Now I go on a Friday and only on Saturday's for anything I have forgotten. Yawn over.

 I was up late Coz Mike and Sue came over Wednesday night so I was late doing everything.  I then sat down for a coffee and as I did so a few Pigeon's few in (to the sound of the Dam Busters). They were then having a good old feed (at my expense) when half of them took off. A Magpie flew in (to the sound of 633 squadron) and landed on the bird table to feed of my peanuts.
In coming Magpie
Magpie with peanut
This is hard work
    The Magpie thought that this was hard work but kept trying to bite, swallow or do whatever Magpie's do.

Still trying

Off with a peanut

Food to go 

Trying to hang on

He did spend some time doing this and then took off for good.

A lot of fun, that's all for now.


  1. Super pictures Trev .... I could hear the music loud and clear!.... My Goldfinches are far more refined than your birdies ...they 'dine' listening to 'The Sugar Plum Fairy' lol lol lol x

  2. Well done super images Trev. A bit of one up man ship here, bombs away and tally ho.
    BTW I suppose you know that that refection is from the white open door leading into your lounge, chuck a blanket over it, that may help.

  3. Mike is from a white broom cupboard and the sheet over my tripod.

    That is really spoiling them Eileen

  4. My Goldfinches have gone AWOL along with the Sparrows. I have not seen a Sparrow since last Saturday, as for any finch they have flown south, east, west, anywhere but here.

    Good fun waiting for them to come back.

  5. Look at the pictures Trev, you can see the cross members of the door. oh well wont comment on them anymore.

  6. The reflections I mean not the pictures :)

  7. You were right, I sent you a text to say that it is the way the light hits the window. I tried a sheet and it made matter worse.
    Take the door off is the next move, He Hee

  8. In the interest of photography and not the fact that you well get cold in the winter. Take the door off.

  9. I wish I could but last winter it went down to -5
    So that is not going to happen, least I don't think so, yet!!!!!


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