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Sunday, 20 January 2013

It's snowing and bad news

Hi all, well this is the first time I have been around for a while and guess what it has been snowing nearly all day.The bad news is that I have found out what was damaged when my camera fell off of the tripod! It must have fallen on the the flashgun shoe. I have managed to open it up and get the flashgun to fit. It was lucky the flashgun was not on the camera at the time or that would have meant a new flashgun.

I have managed a few pictures tonight of falling snow. I have not done this before so it is more luck than judgement.

Here goes.

That is all I did but I have reworked some old pictures

I had found a problem with my monitor setting the other day so I have redone these to see if there is any difference.

Thanks for looking


  1. Good first try Trev, and yes I think those last few are brighter.

  2. Yes Trev, I think they are brighter as well, I do love the pigeons drinking. Glad to see you went out even if it was not far and a good job with the snow, nice and bright. We had more Christmas Pudding today.

  3. Thanks Both,
    Well as far as the end of the drive.....

    I am glad you think they are brighter as so do I. I just reworked them.

    I am go over some of the others and see if they improve.

  4. Trev.. I found the snowy pictures very interesting.. great shots.
    Glad you are back I've missed you. Love to Jimbo!
    E xx

  5. Thank you Eileen

    Rally time that kept me or should I say is keeping me busy.


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