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Friday, 27 May 2011

Chasing birds (the feathered type)

Hello again, it was an ok morning with me getting the work done, such as cleaning the house, weeks shopping and such.

This afternoon I decided to water the hanging baskets and the trays in the drive. As I walked out of the door there was this very unhappy Black bird sitting at the top of my mast really going into one. I told him that I had every right to be their but this did not stop him shouting at me.

I watered the plants and came in to get the camera. I set up to take a picture of him so he walk round the outside of the mast. As I moved he few down to the end of the garden and landed on my other mast. Really too far for my 300mm lens. Then it started to rain, so I came in.

 The rain only lasted for a few minutes so went outside to try and find this irate BB, nowhere to be seen, just my luck. I then spotted this bird on my TV Arial, I thought it was a sparrow. It wasn't until I got it on the computer that I saw it had a red head. I have no idea what it is. Here are two picture of it in the hope that Kendo might know what it is.

Redhead 1

Redhead 2

It did not stop there as next doors Arial had another bird sitting on it but this one had a yellow strip on it's wing, it maybe a bullfinch 
Maybe a Bullfinch

This to

As I waited that pesky BB came back and I go him!!!

Pesky Blackbird 

 I think that I need a corrector lens for my 5" telescope then I have all the Tele-photo power that I need as I can't afford to buy a bigger lens.

Lets see what the weekend brings.


  1. That's what I call "Ariel" photography

  2. Camera performing very well and metering good against the sky.

  3. Yes but I had to do some running around to get these as the darn birds kept flying off.

    Igot my Kood filter yesterday, that took some research to find out how it fitted, I go there in the end. Hee he
    Poor Eileen has lost her follower (off the page I mean)

  4. ALL the birds shown here are Gold Finches Trev .... A Bullfinch would never be seen dead on a TV aerial!lol .... Black head ....large(ish) bird with a very red chest.... have a look on Google...the Goldfinch has lots of gold/yellow on it's side and the red head! .... hope that helps ...E xxxx

  5. I am confused as one has a black head and the other a red.
    The black headed one doesn't have any red on it.

    With luck it may come round again, thanks fer the help


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