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Saturday, 28 May 2011


That is unidentified Flying Bird.

The two birds that I asked about one is or was a Bullfinch. The other is still as UFB but with some research I have a converter for PS C3 and I have processes the image with better results. It is now a lot clearer.

Red headed Bird.

This is it. I have not been anywhere today, so nothing to report, maybe later

Good luck with you Followers Eileen, just remember we are all still here.


  1. still cant enlarge my images. Have sent a request to blogspot about this.

  2. Its a Gold Finch Trev .... We have lots in our Garden ....such pretty birds ... A group of these birds together is called 'A Charm' of Gold finches...that's lovely I think....My followers list keeps 'coming and going Trev ... now you see it you don't !!

    Ken is checking the 'Aurora alert' at Leicester Uni(Go on Google) ...Already on 'high alert in Scotland and heading this way .... Ken going out later if the alert gets higher down here and no cloud and rain !!

  3. Sorry ...Lancaster Uni not Leicester ...doh!

  4. Huh!! as you were ...the alert has gone from orange to green ....bad news... he is staying home !!


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