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Friday, 20 May 2011

Teston Riverside Park

First a moan: the last time a barrel of oil was this price petrol was at £1.30 LTS, moan over!

Yesterday was a nice warm afternoon with the temp up in the low 20’s. I decided to take a run out and ended up at Teston which is between Maidstone and Tonbridge on the A26. Teston Riverside Park is about 5 miles from the centre of Maidstone on the river Medway. There is a car park where you can park all day for £1.20 and has a vast picnic area. There are paths to the river as well as toilets, no café, pity.
The path to the river is ends up about 200yds from Teston Weir / lock. There are swans on the river as well as Mallard ducks. I did see a few swirls from fish but in a lot of places the riverbank is over grown so you can’t get a shot of the river. There are steps cut into the bank in places so that you can get down to water level but I think these are really to help the fishermen.

There is plenty to see as you walk up passed the lock and I walk about a mile up before getting to hot and dry. I decided to come back and wished that I had taken a bottle of water with me.
As you can see in the pictures the Maidstone river bus was in the lock, it only had two or three on board.

All picture taken with my 50mm lens and graduated ND4 filter 

oak tree

Into the park with the picnic area

Teston Bridge

River Medway

Teston Lock

I fished from this spot many years ago
The other-side of the river

Teston Weir

More of the weir

Teston Bridge looking downstream

Manor House on the hill

That is it I wont bore you any more


  1. Really lovely countryside and pictures

  2. Many a Kite trapped in that big Oak tree.
    We go there twice a year to fly kites and have a good time. I will let you know when the next one is.

  3. Yes it is nice there, I took nearly 100 pictures

  4. Right you have the boarders. Has you sussed the size problem?

  5. No, as I have not had the problem it is hard to know what to do. Maybe tomorrow we can have a try at sorting it


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