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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Riverside walk

Me again, yesterday between showers I went to the Riverside Country Park for a walk round the shore line. It was nice a sunny with some cloud but very windy.

I decided to head towards the nature reserve as there is lots to see other than greenery. After a a few hundred feet there was this gull having a feed on the mud, he found a few bits and the started to clean himself.

Having a wash and brush up
    I carried on for a bit longer and came across this broken Jetty, thoughts of olden days

Now a pile of rubble
Along the path was another one that had seen better days

A bygone age

But now to cheer you all up this flower was growing beside the path

Growing beside the path
Now I believe that John Wyman has been around here at some time

Please keep well clear of this plant

Again I was very thirsty and came home, I must take a drink with me next time.

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  1. Good to see you about and about Trev, I like the line of the third picture and was that an orchid you saw in all the bleakness?

  2. Well that goes to show, I saw Eileen could not comment on the blog itself but I have managed two. Yesterday I had to sign into Google again before leaving Daisy a comment.

  3. I think it was an orchid as it looked like one that Mum had a few years ago, just not sure.

    Yes, Eileen it does seem to play up from time to time.


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