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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ups and downs

Not really bad but some not too good while others very good.

The worst was Friday at 5:00PM when my neighbour knock at the door and said that her husband was being taken to hospital in a lot of pain. They are a nice couple and have done a lot for me while I was looking after mum. Bill (the husband) is 74 and she is over 80, so I help them when I can.

After that I was off to my astronomy club to help the evening along and talk to a few members who have not been for a while. We had a couple of the RSPB committee came and talk to us about a new project, but the main part of the evening was a member exhibition showing off their projects.

For those that don't know there is a new super nova in a galaxy called M51 which is over 1 million light years away. A super nova is an exploding star, this one the light has taken over one million years to reach us.Some of our member had taken picture of this and were showing them off.

Copy-write Ron Arbour BAA 

The sky had clouded over so no telescopes were taken out.

This morning I had a work party to help relaid some paving slabs moving a lot of sand. This took all of the morning and part of the afternoon

Getting the ground ready

Lots of hard work with only a few helpers

Starting to look like we know what we are doing

We did have some help from someone who did know what to do, a first for the club.
Almost finished

Yes and not a bad job

I have not got one of the finished job as I had to leave before it was finished. I will get one later.

I really did not do much the remainder of the afternoon apart from 5:00PM go to the chippy (Saturday is a no cooking day).

I did go out around 9:15 to try a clear picture of the moon as I am still learning to use my new lens. I can do better with the telescope and camera but not the camera on its own.

Moon Saturday 11 June 2011 9:15PM  BST

Not any where near the best picture that I have taken of the Moon but I now have more info to get a better one next time.

See you all later,

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  1. I hope your neighbour feels better soon Trev .... great picture of the supernova..... very interesting

    E xx


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