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Monday, 11 July 2011

On the fly

Well after a poor weekend it has been a bright start to the week, I have had a load of Pigeon's and Dove's doing all manner things. I also had a double first, a Greenfinch hit one of my feeders and was right in line with the door, so no bad reflections. The a lucky shot. I was taking a picture on the Greenfinch and a small bird flew passed so fast that I could not make out what it was, see the first picture.

The Pigeon's were all over the place but for the first time ended up in my trees, they normally fly off a good distance.

 Try these:

A Greenfinch feeding and a Goldfinch passing through. I did not know it was there until I took it off of the camera.

Greenfinch feeding
Ok that is it for me showing off, I will now go back to the tittle 

He is like a bubble bee shouldn't fly

After all this activity they went for a rest in the trees

Before I finish I had a shot at the moon as we my not see it for a while

Moon at 2100 tonight

That's it folks 


  1. Oh Trev ... what a great picture of the finches!! Glad the moon is back too!!
    Got your email .....thanks for thet :)

  2. Thanks Eileen, please look out for another email.

  3. These are really great pictures Trev, all that watching and waiting paid off. The finches are lovely and you have captured the "on the wings", well done.

  4. Thank you Sue
    See you tomorrow


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