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Monday, 8 August 2011

Quiet Monday

Up early and all that, work to be done so I got that done. Went shopping and when I came back no birds around. I went and checked the feed and it was still there. Morning turned into afternoon but only a couple of Pigeons and they kept flying off.

Then just after dinner some came and landed on the feeder. this is what happened in some ten minutes.

just in shot

Dropping to the ground

Nearly missed this one

This made it a quiet day but at least one good shot. A bit of an anticlimax after the Egret yesterday.

Both Eileen and Mike are having trouble with their internet Where Eileen is they still use Hamsters to run the genies. Mike should tell them to put another lump of coal on the fire. All good fun.

 That was it for today, I hope for a better day tomorrow


  1. Hi Trev, I think its been a quiet day all round...... I think everyone's on holiday !
    A couple of lovely shots there Trev !!
    I like pigeons, but they do get a bit of a raw deal, dont you think?
    All the best
    Chris R

  2. Thanks Chris
    The Magpies are back this morning and giving them a hard time the Pigeons). I also got a few Starlings as well.

    Look out for tonight's blog as it has started early today.


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