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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Deep water creek At Riverside

No guessing where I went today, it was a nice warm afternoon with a blustery wind. It was not too bad and there was hardly anyone around just a few friendly dog walkers.

The one thing about this afternoon it that it was 1300 and a lot of the bird were a sleep with their head in the wing. On walking the path the first I came across were a whole flock of Mallards fast asleep.

All asleep

Mallards asleep

These did not move all the time I was their.

Farther out and still asleep

No today I got a first a Red Shank on the wing. These are normally too fast for me

Red Shank on the wing

Red Shank
 And one more

Red Shank

On the wing

Having lunch
I spent an hour there and it was well worth it. 
As low water it about 1430 tomorrow I may try a trip out to Horrid Hill

Thanks for looking.


  1. I love reading your blog Trev,and Mike's,very relaxing to see the pictures of birds and countryside views.... makes me feel good... much nicer than the news and all the nasty stuff in the world! Good stuff that man!! ( as Mr Scott would say!)

    Hugs Eileen xxx

  2. I agree with Eileen, Trev ! I would never see these scenes normally, so you give me that opportunity.....thank you !
    Maybe some close up fauna would be lovely too as your shots are so good !
    Chris R

  3. Well thank you both, I will try to do that Chris but most wild flowers have died off but there are loads of berries of different colours that I have seen. I will see what I can do this afternoon.

  4. Well done again Trev.

    I will have to take the Nikon out next time and blow the cobwebs off it.

    I agree with Eileen forget about all the doom and gloom in the world, we cant do any thing about it anyway.

  5. too true Mike.

    Yup get the Nikon out and get clicking away.


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