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Saturday, 17 September 2011

wet Morning

I was up early this morning hoping to get out before the rain. This I did and I thought I would try the  lower estuary, BIG mistake all of the birds were well out and well out of real view. I then drove to Motney Hill and found that there were some Red shanks within range just. By this time the weather had changed and it had started to rain. I took the chance that it would not be much, wrong again. I took a few pictures but really am not pleased with the results. These are  the best of a bad bunch.

Thursday I received a new card for the camera, I up graded from a class 4 to a class 10 HDHC 32gig this has made a difference to the burst rate of the camera. It still is only 8 frames but to writes at 19meg instead of 4.


Where is everyone

Time for a wash and brush up

Where cold

I can't be bothered


Here we go, here we go,
 As I said the best of a bad bunch, the weather was to blame as well as I did not want to get rain on my new lens.

High water is around 1500 today so it may not be worth going down again. While I write this it's raining quite hard.

Better luck tomorrow.

I have just been going through Thursday morning pictures, here are some that did not make the grade. While I was looking I suddenly realised that there were a lot of birds laying down asleep.

Head in wing
These birds are out cold

Fast asleep too
If you look carefully you can see a few birds laying down or standing with their eyes closed.

About 2245 I took a look out to see how the Moon was doing. It was a bit cloudy but worth a shot. this is what I came up with.

A bit cloudy but not bad.

That's it thank's for looking


  1. unfortunately Trev, we cant control the weather,
    better look tomorrow....Still some nice shots though !!
    four nights clean and dry for Max, cant be a fluke can it ? Clever little chap !!!
    Chris R

  2. Nice reflections one Trev.

    Not been to good over the weekend.

    @ Chris, isn't he a good boy, well done Max.

  3. sorry to hear that Mike, I hope you feel better soon

    Been out this morning and got some great pictures.

    You will have to wait until tonight, LOL

  4. Looking forward to seeing your new pictures Trev .... get better soon Mike ! .... Chris is so thrilled with Max :) It's nice to read the blogs of "Our little Gang". Gentle humor, good pictures from you 'lads' ( I use that term very loosely!) Lovely crafty stuff from Chris and me ..... and witty comments from Sue ....Job done! Our blogs are my "Favourite Five!" xxxx


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