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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Same place different time of tide.

Hi guys,
        After a busy morning and having a chat with my nephew in the States I decided to go to Riverside and walk out to Horrid Hill again,as it was now three hours after high water. I drove down to the car park and  found it was it full and that the  overflow car park was filling up. Too many people put the birds off and they stay out in the Islands. So, what to do next, I decided that I would have to go to Motley Hill and take a chance. I drove over and there was one space in the car park (there was another space  but filled with rain water from last nights rain). I parked up ant went to the bank to take a the creek. It was empty and the river was not that far out and there were some birds in the inlet that was by the road. Good grab my gear and off.

First I have a gift for Mike, I have brought him his tea.

Mikes tea
Sorry Mike but they are past their best at this time of the year.

Now to the birds and to start I still have not found out what these are.

This is a better picture of them to the other day. There are purple feather on the rear. I can't find them in my book. While I was trying to take these the wind was trying to blow me over. I had a game to keep the camera    still as every time I got it focused it blew me to one side.

Great Black Backed Gull
I have been waiting to get a shot of these for ages. The birds seem to just walk around.

The same
Not the best picture but look at the wingspan.
Two in one day, I wonder just how long it will take to get the next one



In flight

In flight

I think these last two are the best of the lot. I have cut down the amount of pictures as I am told that people with phones have trouble downloading this blog. Well use a computer instead.


  1. The last one is brilliant, you are certainly getting used to that lens.

  2. I agree wiv Mike Trev.... good shots but the last one is 'right on the money'!

    The ducks in this post maybe Mallards .. can't tell for sure but they have some purple plumage !


  3. Thanks Both

    Yes Eileen they have a purple feather at the side. I think Mallards are in my book I just thought they had more colour in them. Mind you I normally see them close up around Maidstone and above. Not this far down river.

  4. Hi trev, Thanks for joining my blog and these shots are amazing....That wingspan was huge and the last shot is so perfect....
    Chris R

  5. That last picture is superb, your photography is getting better and better. We will pass on the blackberries, wait until next year. You keep posting, the extra beauty is being able to see them full screen.

  6. That is ok Chris, it give me another favourite puppy, he is lovely.

    Thank you Sue,
    It look like no pictures today as low water is around 1800. I may try in the morning if I get the chance.
    It will give me the chance to show some of those that were missed first time round.


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