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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Gulls, Gulls are everywhere with other birds!

Hi All
       It was a bit misty when I went out this morning but it was warm. When I had finished shopping I decided on the eastern end of Riverside Country Park as there are not to many people there at this time of the day, no screaming kid to push the birds out.

This seemed right as the birds were close to the shore line and there was a few friendly dog walker about. Most said good morning and moved on.  To my surprise I found Oyster Catchers fairly close in and managed a few shots. I could have done with them being closer but you can't have everything.

There was a few Ducks swimming with the Gulls.  And there were a few Black backed Gulls. I had not seen them this close and in the past thought they were just Gulls.

Black Backed Gull
This bird looks far bigger than other Gulls 

Mouthful of food
This one just kept grabbing food

It was at this time I saw that the Oyster Catchers where close in

Feeding Oyster Catchers
I have not see any of them fly, they just seen to feed and move out.

 I thought this one was coming strait for the camera

squawk to you to
Yet another bird with attitude 

All of a sudden this big black thing few over the shore line.

And he was a thirsty Crow

Thirsty Crow
He had a couple of drink and was off

Black Backed Gull
I wish he had been closer as he was a long way out

take off

Ducks and Gulls
The ducks are out of focus as I was going for the Gulls

Just landed

Time to stop but I cam doing other thing tomorrow so may carry this on for Sunday

Have a good weekend



  1. Hi Trev, I like the "mouth full of food" the best

    Out day started badly but ended ok.

  2. I am glad it did as mine finished badly at 1900 last night, the TV went bang and I had to go get another one. Tell you about it later as I am off with Martin in a mo.

  3. Oh gawd as our Eileen would say, sorry to hear about the TV, more expense. We are going out, eventually when we wake up proper and get going.

  4. Some super shots there trev ! Sorry to hear about your telly !
    Chris R

  5. Mmmmmmmm.... bad news on the telly .... bad news on the Oyster Catchers as well Trev ..... cos they ain't!! try again

    Super shots ...full marks on that! :)

  6. I have been having a look on the bird guides thingy.... and think they are Black-tailed Godwits..... The one in front is in winter plumage and the one at the back is still in summer plumage ..... OTL helped me with this so I am learning stuff too!! :)

  7. Oh dear Eileen, what am I going to do, I know give up naming birds, that way I won't get into trouble.

    I have found the Godwit under Less common species BUT it is a drawing not a photo. It don't look like my photo. BUT I have a picture of an Oyster-catcher and that looks all black.

    So neither are a good match in any of my books.

    Wait until you see tonight's blog, only one bird in it and you will have to guess what it is.

    The upset with the Telly was that it was only 18 months old and this is the third one in 2 1/2 years.
    See you all later

  8. Gawd ...that's really bad luck Trev, regarding the TV .... I hope you find a bargain when you replace it !

    What are you doing with them Trev ..... shoving too many volts in 'em ? we know all abt that hi,hi! xx


  9. I have no idea as the one before lasted over 10 years I gave it away to the home that mum was in and then bought the first one. The thing with that one was that nobody was sure if there was anything wrong with it. They change it in case. Last night there was a problem as it kept changing the picture input.

    The new one is really good but I hope it lasts.
    Keep smiling as Mr Scott would say.


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