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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Back to the garden

Hi All,
       With high water being around mid-day it is not worth going to Riverside as the birds will be out on the islands, So I stayed in. I am busy anyway moving rooms about, I have taken time out to do this coz I needed a break.

These all were taken in the garden between 1530 and 1630 yesterday (Monday).

In the morning I saw two Blue Tits on the feeder but then flew up to the tree and then made off. You will see a Sparrow feeding on the ground, Sparrows are rare and this is the second one in two weeks. I think the Robin returned but did not get a good look at it as it flew into a bush.

Why hello
  There had been earlier in the afternoon one bird chasing all other off of here until other sent him off.

Where all the food gone
 These birds are like a hoover once they start on the feed they may go away but soon come back to finish the job.

You missed, going down


Did you here something!

Thank god he's gone all the more for me

The first one for a while, nice to see him back

Tuesday afternoon

There has been another battle of the bird table this afternoon with one bird fighting off one and all.
I had been out shopping and was just putting the stuff away when I looked up and rushed to get the camera. I need not have worried as it went on for a while and at one point they all flew off. A minute or two later they came back and continued.

Push off or you will be sorry
I am sure this is how it started

Make way

I got rid of him

Two down

Push off both of you
Even two did not get the better of him

You can push off too

After this on he decided that he had enough and flew off, what a trouble maker

I'm off, that was good

These are just good picture

Just a nice picture

He didn't even have a drink


taken at 2238

Well that is it, both Mike and I look like we are going to be busy tomorrow but I am hoping that I might get out late afternoon, lets see.


  1. I Enjoyed your posting very much Trev... lovely pictures with lots going on ...your garden birds are right little devils!! xx

  2. What a garden rumpus Trev ! some great shots !!!
    Chris R

  3. I get frightened of going out some time as they might shoo me off (:-)

  4. Good post Trev, lots of action. Watch it they look like they will peck you to death if you go out there.

  5. No Kidding Mike it's a full suite of armour LOL

  6. You had better take extreme care Trev, it sounds as though The Battle will continue you had better buy a hard hat if you intend to go outside. Enjoyed looking at the pictures.

  7. You don't know how true that is Sue.

    A Blackbird was telling me off for being outside this morning, cheek of it.

  8. PS
    It is getting like a Hitchcock film!


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