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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hastings 1066 car show

Hi All
        I was up at 5 this morning to get ready to leave at 0630. Martin and Stan picked me up and we set off. The  weather was raining on and off and a very bleak day lay ahead.
We arrived at Hastings about 0800 with it still raining. Out we got and set up for the day.

Martin's car

Our set up
As normal on these trips Marting forgot something, the cream for the strawberries this time! So Stan and I set off  to get some. Of course when we got back Martin got some stick.

Marting getting some stick from Stan
The Show
I don't know how many cars there were as they covered two car parks. but they told us that there were lots more than Saturday.

Here are some models 

Two for Richard

There were only two of this type here Richard

The weather was windy but sunny by the afternoon but the morning light was bad.

Gull on car
That is it for today but I took a few bird shots, I will sort them out and show them tomorrow.

Now on Mike's blog a nice chap (a Mike I think) was trying to help out on the Great Egret.
Now I am not saying he is wrong as I don't know. This is how I see it, the Little Egret has yellow feet. All my books show this. The birds in my picture we one a lot bigger and had black feet. Now if they were not Great Egret's and as they don't have yellow feet what are they?

Thanks for looking


  1. Looks like you had a good day Trev .... Martin does not change! I am pleased the weather improved for you .... I had a look on the Bird Guides site for you regarding the Great Egret and I saw some yellow at the top of the legs and the rest of the legs and feet are Black .... this bird is big Trev and rare! ..... They often have a 'Kink' in their necks did you notice this? I will ask Ken to check out the local sightings ( if any) on sites in Kent .... Oooo could be a trip down to have a look xx

  2. Would'nt it be wonderful Trev if it is a Great egret ! Fingers crossed on that one ! Nice post Trev, seeing all the classic cars.....
    Chris R

  3. Thanks Eileen, yes they were big, bigger than a Little Egret by a long way. I did not notice the neck or that the top of the leg was yellow, but they were quite close so they might be in the picture. There feet were not yellow like the Little Egret but as they had been standing in the water I don't think it was mud.

    At the other end of the flood there was a Little Egret (the I'm cold picture) and he was at least half the size of both the Grey Heron and the others.

    I hope to see David James of the RSPB (Northward Hill) on Friday and show him the picture, he is a member of MKAS. I will take a look and see if there is any yellow on the top of the legs.

    It would be nice Chris.

  4. From the RSPB website.

    From what has been said I hope that I am right, but no matter I will have learnt something.
    I will take my book next time


    As the name suggests, a large, white heron. Great white egrets can look similar to little egrets, but they are much larger -the same size as the familiar grey heron. Other identification features to look out for include black feet (not yellow), yellow beak (in juvenile and non-breeding plumage), and a different fishing technique like that of the grey heron.
    Where to see them
    Expanding populations in Europe mean that this species is now seen more frequently in the UK - it can turn up in almost part of the country, with most in south-east England and East Anglia. Great white egrets favour all kinds of wetland habitats - even farmland ditches can attract them.
    When to see them
    Great white egrets have occurred in the UK in all months of the year, but they are most likely to be seen during spring and winter.

  5. Okay Trev .... the only thing that worries me is the colour of the bill.. Your bird has a black bill, no mistaking that. All the pictures I have looked at show the Great White Egrets as having a Yellow Bill ... the black bill belongs to the little Egret..... If it is as large as you say then I am confused... mind you, as Miffy always says, the birds do not read the ruddy bird books!!!!x

  6. It's a new type that I have found Eileen, I am going to call it The Great Trev, LOL

    I bet it will turn out to be large Little Egret

  7. Doing more research, seeing that it hasn't got a yellow beak and no other bird matches it has to be a Little Egret with muddy feet. Downside is it size but I won't worry about that.

    Ta for all your help.

  8. This is all very confusing to me, I know nothing except perhaps robin, pigeon and flamingo so I had better stick to spotting them.
    Cars, now they were simple because they used to "write" on the back what they were, model, how many valves, engine size etc. etc. now even they keep it quite for fear of someone stealing them.
    Better off at the library, you know exactly what you are getting, anyone seen a Jane Austen's Persuasion lately?

  9. Ill stick to the cars also, these birds that you take just confuse me so I will stick to the ones on the beach with not much plumage.
    The show at Hastings looks good, sorry to hear about the rain in the morning and glad it cleared up for you later.

    Bit peed off with the plumper, he packed up at 1 pm although I can now have a shower in the morning so I wont pong so much.


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