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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Keeping you up to date

Hi All
        It has been a busy week trying to get the office set up. First I needed to paint the place. This I did Wednesday morning. I was hoping to get a new carpet, but this went wrong and it did not look like I would get it until Saturday. This is where my first bit of luck happened. I went to order it so I could pick it up on Saturday and the chap said that he could fold it up to go in my car. If this didn't work then we could pick it up on Saturday.
It went in the car and I fitted it this afternoon. I need two desks so I looked that up and found that Argos had what I wanted.  went to pick them up and got a £10 voucher for next time.

So far I have put one together and it looks ok. The other one I will do tomorrow. I hope to start putting the room back together  and might get  out if the weather permits.

Sorry no picture but I did photographed a nice sunset tonight but they are still on the camera.

Have  fun, it wont be long before I'm back on.


  1. Well done on the Carpet, you will get there. Going to smash out the cloakroom cupboard and then watch F1, so that's my weekend sorted.

  2. Hi Trev, glad to hear your getting sorted !
    Chris R

  3. Yippy, the computer on, the rooms are slowly getting sorted.

    I have a lot to go round the tip but I am getting there, YIPPY

  4. Pop round here on the way to the tip, I have loads to get rid of. Cloakroom cupboard gone.

  5. Cor, you two are busy, busy, busy! I would love to see some pics your office when it is finished Trev ...I'm a bit disappointed that we could not see any pictures of the 'work in progress' lol

    E xxx

  6. Too busy for that Eileen but I will try a post tomorrow and put one of the "finished" in. I is not really finished as there are a few things to go back but that will be some time.

    The RSPB are at Riverside tomorrow and I may be there in the afternoon if I get all my other jobs done, like shopping for food, lol


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