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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Horrid Hill part two

Cormorant in flight

I promise you the Cormorants and hear they are. When I first saw them the were two diving but they were too far out for pictures. They came in closer and this is what I got.

Drying off after a dip

Just taken off

Bird with attitude what else
Looking for food

Gull in flight
Some came in close but there were too many people shouting 

This is one of the fight from my last one. one bird trying tom get the others food

You all know what this is.

Still working hard one the house so won't be ding much for a few days.

Have fun 


  1. Another great post Trev .... love the Gull 'with attitude!... Don't stay indoors doing too much work Trev ...or I will miss your blogging photo's and stories!

    E xxx

  2. What with this weather and the house being in a mess I could just shut to door on the whole thing and leave with my camera. Not been out since Monday with the camera, boo hoo

  3. Poor Trev, better day tomorrow !I like the gull in flight.....
    chris R


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