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Thursday, 20 October 2011

A walk to Bloors Wharf

It was a nice afternoon but a chill on the wind. I have what they call a climate coat so I put that on.

Before I start there were two pictures that I left out from yesterday:




I meant to show these yesterday.

The walk

I parked up and followed the shore line and came across a colony of Mallard and with then was a Lapwing.
Today there where lots of different birds some I had not see before here.

Over the time I was there I saw quite a few of these, in the past I have only seen the odd one. This time there was a Curlew running like no tomorrow grabbing food here and there.

Again this is the first time I have see one here as the last time it was up by Motney Hill.

Their were some Gulls close in and this one really thought something of him self.

I am good looking

Muddy Feet

There was a flock of ducks in large numbers and I now have a fairly good close up of those that I saw the other day.
Still not sure what he is
But these were in with the Mallard's, Red Shanks and Godwit's as well as a few I was not sure of.

Going down
. Having a good wash 

Give me room
He made quite a splash when he hit the water

 A nose dive into the water

There were a lot dong this
Up by the deep water creep there was another Curlew, again running like no tomorrow. Red Shank's but that is normal for them. Godwit's not seen them there before. A group of Lapwings feeding out quite a way. Mallards and the other ducks with the brown head and green stripe across the eye. Gulls in large numbers.

Red Shank
On the way back this one was right by the wall and I was able to sneak up on him

Well as usual I have to finish with a PS, something Mike forgot to do in his last one, shame on you Mike!

 This is a nice clear shot, no mist 

Thanks for looking Part two later


  1. Nice reflections shots Trev ! I like the curlew too
    good blog !
    Chris R

  2. Yes, I think that was the best of this lot but there are plenty more to come.

  3. I enjoyed your blog today Trev .... I always do!

    It's a funny old world sometimes but all our blogs keep me entertained and sane!!

    Your duck with the green flash on it's eye is a Teal in eclipse Trev... that is, going from it's summer to winter plumage ... lovey bird ( good eating too ) lol!

  4. Eileen beet me to it Trev I was going to say that the first one is a Teal, the others washing and with the gull are Wigeon


  5. Thanks very much both. That was why I couldn't find it in any of my book.

    Sorry Eileen, I'm like Holly I like chicken.


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