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Monday, 21 November 2011

Afternoon out

Hi All
        Well yesterday afternoon I let myself out on my own the first time for a week. The trouble was that by 1430 the light was going so thing are not as good as they should be. I still have to be careful of my back but it still seems ok, fingers XXXXXX.

I just wondered around as being late it was not worth going too far.

This one should have gone on the last one for Daisy and Holly

The Crows Nest
There maybe a pirate in their.

A PS in the mist
I really do feel left out not seeing a PS for nearly a week

Smoke on the hill
The injun's are coming

I think he is going to do a dance

Which pecking order are these in

They never stop eating better tax them


Still in flower, just

Don't know what this is

Old man's beard

And of course the best till last.



I think this a Wagtail
I am not sure if this is Pied Wagtail as I can't find it in my books

That is it, I am hoping to get out tomorrow or Wednesday, we will see. The forecast was for fog but the sun is out here. I hope they got it wrong.

Have fun, thanks for looking


  1. Hi Trev, lovely reflection shot !
    So glad your on the move again......good man !
    Chris AND Dave

  2. Ahhh lovely post Trev and super that you can move about more freely .... I love the old man's beard and you are spot on wiv the Pied Wagtail !xx

  3. I like the reflection shot as well. Glad you managed to get out yesterday. We went to the Edith May, found it at last.

  4. That's good Mike.

    That comment I left was there, least I found it.

    You ok now?

  5. Been busy tacking curtains for downstairs loo but at last I am here, "blog hopping" as Eileen calls it.
    That reflection is so clear you could have posted it upside down. All these different birds mystify me but you are getting good even with Pied Wagtail, good star for that.

  6. Good luck with the curtains Sue.

    I was lucky with the reflection as he was just far enough away not to be frightened of me and stood still. He did not even move as I walk by him.


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