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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Morning All
              It is foggy here this morning but the sun is trying to break through.
Chris, Sunday was a beautiful day with sunshine until it almost got dark.

I did not go anywhere yesterday as I had to catch up on not doing anything much last week. I only have some stock photo's to show that I have taken over the last weeks. I hope you like them.

The afternoon is not good now after about 3:00 so I will have to find ways of getting out before that.

Messing about

I'm going this way

No your not, this way

Oh that feels good

I don't care which way I go

That's it for today, I hope to get out and take some misty pictures. Have fun, thank's for looking



  1. Lovely ducky shots Trev ! The weather is so dim,
    not much light to photograph properly.....we should pray for brighter days !
    Still on the mend, I hope
    Dave and chris

  2. Foggy here and as you say not much light.
    I managed to get out this morning but low speeds were a problem.

    You will have to wait and see tomorrow how I got on.
    Had the flu jab this afternoon.

  3. God one Trev, the last one looks like there's a fin in front of do do do lol

  4. Ahhhh a touch of the 'ol Jaws! eh? .... Good shots and captions Trev xxx

    Mmmmm thank gawd no PS .... but no fairy either! :( (sob!) .... lol xxx


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