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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bad Week

Hi All
         Well it has been a bad week so far. Last week it was a cold and a bad back. That was over (well all most) by Sunday. Then Monday seemed to be a good day a part from the cloud and as I had been out on Sunday taking stock picture it didn't matter`.

Then Tuesday it struck! Sciatica! This has put me out of action over the last two days as I have not been able to move or sit down for too long or I sized up. I have been a bit better today ans as long as I keep moving I am ok.

Sunday I ran round taking loads of pictures just in case the weather changed, little did I know..........

Misty Sunday on the river

Low water

A life on the ocean waves

Red Shank and reflection


That is it for now as my back won't let me sit down for to long.

More tomorrow

Thanks for looking.


  1. Oh Trev you poor thing ! I had this once and it is
    very debilitating......Nice shots Trev, hope it goes away soon, so you can get back to normal !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. That Lapwing shot is stunning Trev, nice series. Glad you are feeling a bit better today. Onwards and upwards.

  3. Thanks Both,
    I am able to sit down a bit but not for too long or I can't move.

    I have some new tabs but I have only taken one.
    Let's see what tomorrow brings

  4. Sorry Trev that you have not been able to do your usual Wednesday and hopefully your back will continue to improve quickly. Good shots, I like the lapwing best but then it is a very attractive looking bird.
    Take care xx


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