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Thursday, 3 November 2011

A walk in the Park (Mote Park)

Hi All, As you know if you have read Mike's blog we ended up at Mote Park yesterday. There was one disappointing aspect of yesterday and that is the Autumn colours are nearly all gone. This seemed to have happened over the last couple of days. Last Monday it was all colour and by Wednesday there were holes in the colour. I have decided not to put up the pictures of coloured trees from yesterday as they look too moth eaten.

There are plenty of bird shots but these were taken in faded light, so some are good and some not quite as good.

Mote Park is a park in the middle of Maidstone that has a large lake that has room for fishing and sailing as well as bird watching. Years ago I fished the lake with friends but I can only remember taking Roach and Bream out.

Carpet of Leafs

The Elephant tree

Mike taking picture

The fight for bread

There were a few people throwing in bread and this is what happens.

When I got round the this side I got some amazing pictures even with bad light


Having a scratch

 There were loads of these in the lake

Canada goose


These next two I think are the best


What yea got

That is it and as the weather looks bad I may not be going any where today.



  1. Super, super shots of the Ducks Trev. Really smashing!xxx

  2. Thank you Eileen

    Did you get my email?

  3. Awesome shots Trev !
    Chris R


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