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Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Long walk

Hi All
     The link above is the map of Riverside Country Park which is where I went this afternoon. the light was not too bad and did brighten but not a lot. it was raining when I left about 2:45PM

Look at the map and I started at the HQ but instead of going out to Horrid Hill I went east towards Sharps Green. I have not been to Sharps Green since I was around ten or so.

If you carry on going east you come to Eastcourt Meadow. This I had never been before. It is a short walk if you take the path but about 1 1/2 miles if you take the shoreline, this I did.

It is a nice walk but looking out for things to photograph it took an hour or more.

Lots of things but what to put up I had no idea. So now that I have sorted that out here goes.

Sharps Green

No order

Sharps Green Bay

All cut up

Having a drink
 You will love the next two

A rebuild maybe

Yah right

I don't think anyone has been near it for a long time.

Eastcourt Meadow

This goes round to the Strand Park but that was a little far this afternoon. I went about 3/4 of the way.

But there is a deep channel that runs with the bank and the birds hide in there.

Red Shank

Red Shank having a dance

This one for Mike

Taken from Eastcourt Meadow

After this I retuned to the parking area and the set out towards Bloors Wharf

I did not realise how far that was. I had to turn back as the light was starting to fade and it was only 2:45.

There are still some colours around.

I did take a landscape of the Money Hill end before I turned back

This is the deep water creek at Bloors Wharf 

Old jetty

Well that was the end of my walk and I think it was about four miles going round the shore and this took nearly two hours.

Oh dear I have missed a very important picture out, Mike and Eileen would never forgive me.

Good night


  1. Love all the colourful shots Trev and the old boats look very interesting....A fascinating post !
    Thanks Trev
    Chris R

  2. Thanks Chris, It was a long walk and I was knackered when I got home (:-)

  3. Nice post Trev. lovely autumn colours and nice birds. You were what when you got home? hi.

  4. Smashing walk around your blog Trev lol .Very interesting post and I really enjoyed it. Super colours and images ...Shame abt the last picture ! .... Grrrrrrr !

  5. And I thought you like the PS


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