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Friday, 9 December 2011

A cold trail

Hello All,
           The wind had dropped by the time this morning had arriver but with it the cold. Still too windy for a frost here but cold. As it got light the sky brightened up into what look like a nice winters day.

After a shopping trip I thought that I would take the camera for a ride. I delivered some of my Christmas cards on the way.

I arrived at Motney Hill car park (which is sheltered from the wind) to a nice warm sunny place. Then I walked out to the bank, the smoke from the PS was strait out the chimney, so the wind was still quick strong.

Strait out smoke

The wind was a lot stronger here that at home but in the shelter it was quite warm

The bank itself was a bit sheltered but the odd place blew me about which made it hard to stay still.

Sheltered path
Along the path were still some Autumn Colours.

Autumn leaves

Still loads of these but it is not quite Winter

Not sure what this is


Old man's beard

Then looking out on the river.


I had to didn't I?

I have not seen this move all Summer

The hulk

This is where the geese hide at high water

Look out Daisy and Holly who or what is hiding in here.

And back at the car park 

Blackbird in a tree

That is it more to come tomorrow 

That is it have fun, thanks for looking


  1. Good set, well done.

    At least you were out in the sunshine, I had to play with Sue's head. Still not finished, guess wot, they supplied the wrong bits AGAIN.

  2. These are good Trev. I even felt chilly looking at 'em ! ... The berries are my fav ... you KNOW wot I think about power stations! lol xxx

  3. Nice shots Trev ! Keep warm....
    chris and Dave R

  4. Now I know that you like PS's Eileen, come off it
    I will Chris.

    So what is new Mike, they employ people who can't read and don't care anyway.

  5. Hi Trev, just to let you know a little info on the Brighton Wheel !
    Take a look !
    Chris and Dave R

  6. Thanks Chris, then there are two


Thanks You for your comment