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Monday, 26 December 2011

Dull day at home

Hello All, Yes it was a dull day in more ways than one. It was dull weather, overcast with a bit of bright now and again. This stopped me going out, but making the most of it I took some pictures through the window. I find that I have a Chaffinch coming and going, I haven't seen one for years in the garden.

So far birds are hard to find but I have a Robin, two Blackbirds, a few Starlings. Doves and Pigeons. There is also a couple of Magpies but they don't hang around to have their picture taken.

Today I have:



Now for some from yesterday


Follow my leader

Were coming in to Land, Clear the runway



Half asleep
I have never understood why a bird would stand in cold water to sleep when dry land is only feet away.

That is it for today, thank's for looking and  a Happy New Year.


  1. Good lad, you managed to get out. I like the one with the railings the best.

  2. Yeah it was a bit gloomy yesterday Trev.... Nice to see the Chaffinch cos not so many about either ,in our garden .... millions up in the Highlands! I think the birds stay in the water cos its warmer!!!!!!! Trev lol xxxxxxx

  3. No Mike I did not get out, they were taken through the window.

    I could be Eileen at this time of the year the water could be warmer than the air. When I was fishing we always said that when the water was warmer than the air the fish would bit, well sometimes we were right..LOL


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