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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Jimbo's home

Hi All

     This morning I had to go and buy a stand for Jimbo's cage as it is a different size base to my old cage. I had put him on a table over night but this was too small in hight. All the poor thing could see was chairs. This was ok for a night but it must have felt closed in during the day. Off I went to Rainham's pet shop only to find that they can get them but don't keep them. Not good enough as I wanted to get his today.

I was on my way to where I got Jimbo and then remembered the there was one on the way. Twydell Green has a pet shop. In the shop was a helpful lady along with the owner. As they only had one type of stand so it was lucky that it was the one that I wanted.

This is the silly thing, the shop in Rainham sells birds and cages but no stands. The shop in Twydell doesn't sell birds but sells cages and stands. The shop in Gillingham where I got Jimbo sells both. I should have bought one yesterday but there is nothing wrong with the old stand and I would have liked to have kept it.

I had to fill the base with sand so that is stood up ok. This done it was time to move the cage. That wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be as he stood on  his perch while I moved him.

Jimbo new home

Having move him about he did not go much on it but later after he settled again in make a few noises and had a bite to eat. I think he is now starting to settle and if I don't disturb him for a day or two he will start playing.

This afternoon I went for a walk at Riverside. It was warn but you still needed  a coat on.
It was three hours before hight water, this is a little late as the birds have moved out or have not come in. I did not bother with the 400 but took the 300.

Line  astern

I am not sure what these are up but there may have been food on the water

This one is what I think is the best

Heavy Bombers  
That is it for today

Mike, Keith has been on the phone and the Longhorns are wintering you know where.

Jimbo is squawking in the other room. 
Thanks for looking


  1. Hi Trev, Jimbo looks well cosy ! I like the three bombers !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Glad Jimdo has settled in ok, he seems very at home.

    Love the 3 Bombers and the reflection shot, well done.

  3. glad jimbo has final settled in trev like the bomers nice shots trev snd the reflection shot is greattrev well donerichard

  4. Jimbo is lucky he is in a good home Trev ... He might turn out to be a real noisy fellow when he settles down and gets used to you! ... Ken is off out today with the girls .. I have been out with them a few times recently and yes, it is great now things are getting warmer . Lovely shot of the 'Heavy Bombers' lol xx

  5. Replies
    1. PS
      Jimbo got out of the cage this morning. I pick him up and he showed his displeasure by sinking his beak into my finger. I thought I had set him back a few days but no he dived into his millet and even gave a call. He is not moving very much but he is looking all around him and is alert.

      Late last night he started playing with his bell. He has just let out a squawk so maybe he has eaten all his millet.

    2. Well bone Jimdo, give him some stick and show from the start who's in charge.


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