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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bloors wharf part one

Morning all, Yesterday the tide was right for a visit to Bloors Wharf. The sun was shining and it was three hours after low water. I haven't been there for quite a while and this had given the plants time to flower. Not many birds other than Gulls around but that did not matter as it was a great afternoon.

Gull looking lost
Bee drinking Nectar 
I just got to this one before he few off.

Don't know what this is
Walking up to the Wharf where it opens out there is a water trap where the old building were

Oyster Catchers having a paddle

Now you have all seen the picture of the two men looking out over the lake waiting for ducks to fly over and behind them are ducks. Well look at the next picture. there was a man with a pair of bin looking out over the river. You can see his bike . What is behind him "Oyster Catchers" he never saw them even as he rode off.  I should have taken a full picture of him.

I walked up to the deep water channel to see Gulls having a bath and a preen.

Taking a dip

On the wing

I can't find the next one in any books that I have.

No idea the one on the right
That is it for today, thanks for looking


  1. Great shots to Jimbo !!
    chris richards

  2. Plenty of action in picture six and don't know about the last one. Glad you had a good time down on Bloors Wharf, when the weather is good it has got to be time to get out and about with camera, very good.

  3. Love the pictures Trev ... the birds you are not sure about maybe juvenile Gulls ... they go all funny speckled browns! Not sure!

    Love to Jimbo ...any pictures of him?????

    1. Thanks Eileen, that is what I thought but I could not find them in any book.

      Jimbo is fine and comes out when I clean him out. He hate being out and stays close to the cage.


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